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Greetings from the International Shaw Society, Inc, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization, which you are invited to join (fees tax deductible in the U.S.).

The ISS provides a means for those interested in the study of the life, times, and career of Irish writer George Bernard Shaw and his circle to coordinate their activities, exchange information and ideas, and promote an interest in Shaw worldwide.

The acronym  of “ISS” is appropriate to emphasize Shaw’s continuing presence in the contemporary world as a talkative spirit with very relevant things to say, and the suggestion of a hiss on the end of “ISS” evokes Shaw’s portrayal of the serpent in Back to Methuselah as a friend to man in encouraging the species to grow and learn, rather than to continue in the old, stagnant, often self-destructive ways. The Shavian voice, urging Homo sapiens to grow up, has never been more needed.  Growing up, in fact, is probably what Shaw had in mind when he proposed evolving to Homo super.  Desperate metaphors for desperate times!   Which will always be with us until we do grow up.

We hope that you will wish to become a member and contribute to ISS goals, the chief of which is to keep Shaw and his characters talking in their inimitably entertaining and enlightening style.   But the ISS also has a number of benefits for its members as well:


·         With paid membership (other than "Affiliate Membership"), an automatic subscription to SHAW: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies (a substantial hardbound that's at least $42 retail), generally published in the late Fall. See

·         Plentiful opportunity to meet with kindred spirits and to discuss and speak on Shaw at annual symposia and biennial conferences around the world, as arranged by the ISS.

·         Eligibility for and opportunity to contribute to whatever travel and research grants and awards and prizes the ISS offers to encourage the study of Shaw and his circle (see below for details).

·         A discount of at least $25 on the registration fee for ISS conferences.

·         40% discount on the University Press of Florida Shaw Series books. See under "Find Books"→ "Browse"→  "By Series" → "Florida Bernard Shaw Series."

·         20% discount on the "Selected Shaw Correspondence Series" of the University of Toronto Press when using the book order forms supplied at ISS conferences and symposia. See under "Scholarly Publishing"→"Catalogue"→"Browse Series."

·         Access (by password) to all levels of an ISS website that will keep everyone informed of relevant activities and provide links to valuable research tools, such as bibliographies, databases & to Johns Hopkins' "Project Muse" and its online journals. The ISS Homepage linking to the Members Page is 

·         The latest news on Shaw doings via email or snail mail—such as upcoming conferences, symposia, and other meetings; calls for papers; theater and book notices; theater and book reviews; editorials; and much more.  Serves as a listserv that invites participation.

·         The right to vote in ISS elections and referendums and the right to hold elected and appointed office and to serve on committees.


NOTE DISCOUNTS:  If you take advantage of the discounts offered, you will make your membership fee back in short order.



As one of the principal goals of the ISS is to encourage younger generations to experience the delights of reading and seeing Shaw's works and participating in the discussion of them, the ISS offers a generous program of support in the form of scholarships, grants, awards, and prizes, most of which are allied with particular events, such as symposia and conferences, which feature Shaw productions as well.  For example, at least five students will receive Hampton-Hussey/ISS Travel Grants to the Shaw Conference at Brown University in June of 2006. For details on Symposium and Conference grants, please consult the relevant links from

One of the chief benefits of membership in the ISS comes from providing to the ISS tax-deductible funds that can be used to support the ISS program of scholarships and grants to the young and the scheduling of annual symposia and biennial conferences.  In this way your regard and enthusiasm for Shaw can best be passed on.  Please be as generous as you can in choosing your level of membership. We also do not object if you remember the ISS in your will!  For all gifts, the Recording Shaw will write your name in the Book of the Life Force. 





(for a form that prints out on a single page, click HERE)


Membership in the International Shaw Society must be renewed annually in January. For all but "Affiliate Members," paid membership brings an automatic subscription to the annual journal SHAW.   To renew your membership or become a member or give a membership, please fill out this page and mail it with your check or money order (preferably in U.S. dollars) made out to “International Shaw Society” and addressed to: ISS, P. O. Box 728, Odessa, FL 33556-0728, U.S.A.  For those sending a check (cheque) in a currency other than U.S. dollars, such as pounds, Euros, or Australian or Canadian dollars, please add the equivalent of $5 U.S. for bank charges.  See for conversion rates.  Please be as generous as you can in choosing your level of membership, for the ISS program of grants and scholarships depends upon as many as possible giving more than the standard membership fee.  


Type of Membership.  Circle One:


              A. This is a renewal of membership.

              B. This is a new membership.

              C. This is a gift membership (from? __________________________________)

                       If you would like the ISS Executive Committee to pick the recipient of the gift,  

                       check this box:

              D. This is an Affiliate Membership (to be eligible, you must be a verifiably paid-up member of

                     another Shaw Society. You receive all benefits except the journal SHAW).     


Annual Membership Fee.  Circle whichever applies:


        1.   Standard Fee Per Person: $40 USD or £25 or 37 EUR. (Includes copy of SHAW)

        2.   Member & Spouse Both Listed: $60 USD or £35 or 53 EUR. (But share copy of SHAW)

        3.   Student:  $20 USD or £13 or 20 EUR . (Includes copy of SHAW) 

        4.   Affiliate: $15 USD or £11 or 16 EUR. (only for paid-up members of other Shaw Societies who

                                                                                     do not wish to receive the annual journal SHAW)


        5. OR SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (using Euros or £s, if preferred): 


            a. 2006 Contributor:  Circle the amount you wish to give (includes membership fee):     

                $75     $100     $125    $150  USD.

            b. 2006 Sponsor: Circle the amount you wish to give (includes membership fee):   

                $200    $250    $300    $400  USD.

            c.  2006 Partner :  Circle the amount you wish to give (includes membership fee): 

                $500  USD.  More than $500 please specify $________________.


YOUR TOTAL (tax deductible in U.S.): $_______.  OR OTHER CURRENCY:__________


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Your Signature(s):  _____________________________________________________________________

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Phone Number(s):_______________________________________________________________________


Your Email Address(es).   PLEASE NOTE: The ISS will be conducted more online than not, and it needs your email address(es) to make this possible and to cut costs.   We urge you not only to give us your current email address(es) but to notify us whenever you change email address.  Please list here current email addresses: ______________________________________________________________________________       



If you do not do email and need hard copy sent to your street address, please check this box:


Thank you for your membership and contribution.

 If you have questions, email   Or call 813-920-2986.