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Friday Night Reception


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We wish we could say that everyone who attended the 2007 Shaw Symposium at the Shaw Festival on July 28-30 made it into this gallery, but, alas, we may have missed a few, despite our zeal, and unfamiliarity with a new camera caused some shots to mysteriously vanish.  But we hope this at least reminds you of a time well spent:


  We’ll begin with the Reception on Saturday night, prior to our viewing of SAINT JOAN. Here are the 3 winners of the Bryden Scholarships and ISS Travel Grants, Virginia Costello of Stony Brook, Larry Switzky of Harvard, and Amanda Cuellar of the U. of Texas El Paso.






Again, with Isidor Saslav and Leonard Conolly occupying the background and the bar.















Richard and Mary Cheski, receiving The Word from Rod Christensen, who would know.  













Doug and Susan Warsett in the foreground, with Dorothy Hadfield and Kay Li in the background.












Dorothy and Kay up front!

















 Vinod Sharma, President of “Shaw’s Corner” in India, addresses the Bryden winners, perhaps about how to outsource Shaw.     












James Chow and P. S. Sri, discussing the Canadian health care system?














Robert and Carole Koros, Symposium aficionados.  














Tom Bahring and Sara Fischer














Robert Wills receives a call from Bob Zarichansky, but appearances may be deceiving here.












Dave Cayer talks to John McInerney and Lori.














Jim Goode, with Sharon Klassen behind him.























This to illustrate the view beyond.  













And that not all pictures were well conceived!   Al Lyons is at least recognizable. 















Dick Dietrich and John McInerney get recruited by Leonard for “introductions.”   













Reception adjourned for a viewing of Saint Joan.


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