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The International Shaw Society, "the ISS," was founded in 2004 for the purpose of keeping George Bernard Shaw talking, his favorite thing, even though he's been dead since 1950. The acronym “ISS” emphasizes Shaw’s continuing presence, his “issness,” in the contemporary world, if only as a talkative spirit with very relevant and often quotable things to say, and said in a way that’s rare in its sanity, humanity, and civilizing good humor.  If you like satiric humor of the hyperbolic and ironic sort, “smiling comedy,” as he called it, Shaw is your man.


What keeps a dead author alive?  While alive, Shaw was of the opinion that it was "sedulous self-advertisement" that kept him going and that the only bad publicity was an obituary (unless you wrote it yourself).  But Shaw's afterlife on earth now depends on theater productions and discussion of his life and works, and that’s where the ISS comes in.  Likely to meet anywhere in the world and global in its online reach, the ISS now has members in thirteen countries, on five continents, and grows apace, about half academics and half not. The ISS invites you to join in the fun and enlightenment of seeing and reading Shaw's plays and discussing the author and his works.  Of course Shaw especially wanted application of his ideas, but that will be left to you.  





Membership in the ISS brings many benefits, but one of the chief benefits comes from providing to the ISS tax-deductible funds that can be used to support the scheduling of Shaw conferences, symposia, sessions, and seminars and the giving of travel grants to emerging scholars to attend such events.  In this way your regard and enthusiasm for Shaw can best be passed on. Please be as generous as you can in choosing your level of membership (see membership form).  And there would be no objection if you remember the ISS in your will!   For all gifts, the Recording Shaw will write your name in the Book of Life.


List of Benefits

v With paid membership, the option of a substantially discounted subscription to the hardbound journal SHAW: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies.  Generally, it is published in the late fall.  See http://www.psupress.org/Journals/jnls_shaw.html.

v Eligibility for and opportunity to contribute to whatever travel and research grants and prizes the ISS offers to encourage the study of Shaw and his circle.

v A discount of at least $25 on the registration fee for ISS conferences & other selected ISS events.

v 40% discount on the University Press of Florida Shaw Series books.  See www.upf.com/se-shaw.shtml.  A purchase code is given to members.

v Access to the ISS website at www.shawsociety.org, a homepage that will keep everyone informed of relevant activities and provide links to valuable research tools, such as bibliographies and databases.  Access to a members’ page where more private information is linked is by password only.  

v The latest news on Shaw doings via email, newsletters, and a Shaw blog—such as upcoming conferences, symposia, and other meetings; theater and book notices; theater and book reviews; editorials; and much more. Serves as a listserv that invites participation. The blog is at http://gbs.shawsociety.org.   Email is dietrich@usf.edu.

v The right to vote in ISS elections and referendums and the right to hold elected and appointed office and to serve on committees.




        As one of the principal goals of the ISS is to encourage younger generations to experience the delights of reading and seeing Shaw's works and participating in the discussion of them, the ISS offers a generous program of support in the form of scholarships, grants, and prizes, most of which are allied with particular events, such as symposia and conferences. To that end, in eight years sixty-four young scholars have been awarded ISS Travel Grants to attend the annual Symposia at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, the first Chicago Symposium in 2010 co-sponsored by the ShawChicago Theater Company, and the Shaw Conferences in 2004, 2006, 2009, and 2011 at the University of South Florida, Brown University, Catholic University of America, and the University of Guelph (Canada).  If you give a minimum of $500, the grant the ISS gives with that can carry your name, if you wish.


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