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   The annual ISS membership fee is due on January 1 of each year, regardless of when you started during the year.  As the ISS is a non-profit organization, the fee is tax-deductible in the U.S., as are gifts, and may be in other countries as well.  Membership brings an optional discount subscription to the annual journal SHAW at $33 per year (otherwise $55 retail + up to $20 in mailing costs).  To become a member or renew your membership or give a membership, please complete the form below and mail it with your check/cheque or Western Union money order in U.S. dollars made out to “International Shaw Society” and addressed to: ISS, P.O. Box 728, Odessa, FL 33556-0728.  You can speed this process up by emailing via attachment the completed form to the ISS Treasurer at and by using PayPal for the fee. Credit cards can be used if registered on PayPal.   Questions?  Email the ISS Treasurer at


Circle One of the Following: 1. Renewal  2. New  3. Gift (if “Gift,” who is the giver? _________________ )



Membership Fee (in U.S. dollars).    Below, circle whichever applies & fill in Totals:

STEP 1 -- (Required) Select Type of Membership Below:

Fee for 1 Year - 2013


1A. Standard Membership for One:


Step 1:


1B. Standard Spousal Membership (both listed):


1C. Standard Student Membership:


STEP 2 -- Optional Donation - Select a gift amount for 2014 and enter in the column to the right:

Step 2:



2A. Contributor: $25 to $175

2B. Sponsor:  $200 to $400

2C. Partner: $500 or more (specify):______________.    If your gift is $500 or more, your name may go on a specific ISS grant.  Do you wish to be acknowledged in the giving of the grant:  YES   NO

STEP 3 -- Optional Subscription to SHAW 34

Step 3:


The journal SHAW 34 (Penn State University Press) is available to members at a discount price. Enter $33 in the column to the right if you want the journal, or enter a zero if you don’t want it.

STEP 4 – Optional Subscription to The Shavian and Membership in the UK Shaw Society

Step 4:


The UK Shaw Society offers a subscription to the paperback journal The Shavian (3 editions per year) at $25, and with that comes membership in the UK Shaw Society.  Enter $25 to the right if you want this:

STEP 5 – PayPal Fees (optional)

 If using PayPal, direct payment to the account and please add 4% of total to this point for PayPal fees and enter rounded up amount in column to the right under Step 5: 

Step 5:


STEP 6 -- TOTAL of Totals (add up the totals in Steps 1, 2, 3 4 & 5 in the column to the right:                           

Step 6:



Please print or type:

Name(s) of Member(s):___________________________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­__________

Address: (write “same” if address has not changed from last year) ________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number(s):_________________________________________________________________________ 

E-Mail Address(es):________________________________________________________________________


ISS business is conducted more online than not.   If you do not have access to email and need hard copy, please initial here_______.   Thank you for your membership and contribution.