End-of-Year Financial Report for 2018

Prepared by ISS Treasurer, R. F. Dietrich

Submitted by ISS President in 2018, Michael O’Hara


The ISS Annual Financial Report for the previous year and the Budget Projection for the coming year, always sent to you by email in January or February, are always available online as well (see Member’s Page for addresses). The ISS ends its fiscal year on December 31 of each year.  



INCOME at end of 2018

  $ 22,876.20


A). Income from memberships (minus Paypal fees):

       $3,435 - $447.77 = $2,987.23


B). Income from donations:


C). Income from journal subscriptions

          (SHAW & SHAVIAN)


D). Income from Checking Dividends                                                                                  


E).  Income from PSUP Royalties for SHAW 38       


F).  Income from refund of deposit on Vintage    

      Hotels for ISS discount on hotel rooms:  


   $   2,987.23


  $ 10,883.00


  $   2,995.00



  $      181.60



 $   5,329.37          



 $       500.00


EXPENDITURE at end of 2018

  $  4,153.90


A). P.O. Box; Reports to Florida Division of Corporations, Florida Consumer Services, IRS


B). Travel Grants for Summer Symposium

      (Two grant winners from India canceled)


C). Keynote Address


D). SHAW subscriptions (56)      


E). UK SHAVIAN subscriptions (32)

$522.65 from checking; $437.35 from Paypal = $960


F). Expenditures pd by RFD

      PO Box = $94;

      SSL certificate for = $271.98                      

  $       61.25


  $   1,300.00



 $        200.00



 $    2,070.00


  $      522.65




 $           0.00


CHECKING ACCOUNT (Cash on Hand) at end of 2018

 $   77,569.15


                              Carryover from 2017 in checkbook:

 $   57,788.04


                      Carryover from 2017 in Paypal account:

 $      1,058.81


                                                        Total Income in 2018:

 $   22,876.20


                  Total of 2017 carryover plus 2018 income:

 $   81,723.05


                                  Expense for 2018 at end of 2018:

 $     4,153.90


INVESTMENTS at end of 2018

Savings, CDS & Money Market accounts (includes investment dividends to date):


$   55,464.82







$133,033.97  in US Dollars


CONCLUSION: This will be the 15th straight year that the ISS has ended with a surplus, which as usual will be invested toward the endowment fund of $100,000 + that was set as a goal at the beginning, as a hedge against the day when there would be many fewer elderly members to make donations.  Note that our donations this year more than tripled the amount of membership fees, as is usually the case.  Wonderful, but as we lose more and more of the aging who are typically the ones who provide these donations, all the more crucial will be the presence of an endowment fund (or an investment strategy) from which we can draw interest/dividends to continue to support our program of travel grants for emerging scholars. To put a positive spin on this, the good news is that the average age of the ISS grows younger every year.

                                                  – Ye Olde Treasurer, R. F. Dietrich