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Lawrence Switzky Interviews Keynote Speaker Kimberley Rampersad


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Leonard Conolly [Trent University]

on "A Severed Head, Three Flirtations with American Presidents, a Castrated Preface, and Other Curious Facts about Arnold Daly’s World Premiere of How He Lied to Her Husband"

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Bob Gaines [Auburn University, Montgomery]   “What Hath Shaw Wrought, or Dimensions of Marriage in O’Flaherty V.C., How He Lied to Her Husband, and The Man of Destiny


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John McInerney [University of Scranton] 

“Shaw’s Man of Destiny and Fintan O’Toole’s Rules”

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    Brigitte Bogar (York University) 

    “The Sound of War in Shaw’s O’Flaherty V.C.






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Barbara Inglese [Independent Scholar]

“The Fascination of Triangles”





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Isabel Stowell-Kaplan [University of Toronto]

“Theatrical Posture, Theatrical Style: Fluidity of Body and Mind in Widowers’ Houses

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Kay Li [York University]   “Ding Xi Lin’s Chinese Translation of The Man of Destiny: Reading Shaw through IBM Artificial Intelligence

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Tony Stafford [University of Texas, El Paso]   “Henry Higgins: A Diagnosis”                                                          



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Michael O’Hara [Sursa Distinguished Professor of Fine Arts, Ball State University; President of the International Shaw Society]   

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Yulia Skalnaya [Lomonosov Moscow State University]

“The Arch Fabler of the Twentieth Century: Myth, Legend, and Fairy Tale in Shaw’s plays








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Jesse Hellman  [Independent Scholar]           

“Marianne Caton Patterson and Those Wellesley Brothers: A Surprising Maryland Reference in Shaw’s Most Famous Play”

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Lawrence Switzky [U. of Toronto]  

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Jennifer Buckley [University of Iowa]

"’The English Don’t Want Art’: Bernard Shaw, Joan Littlewood, and the Theatre Workshop"

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Veronika Ambros: (University of Toronto), “Shaw’s Reception of Karel Čapek and Karel Čapek’s Reception of Shaw


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Shaw Festival Company Member Ben Sanders (Dennis O’Flaherty in O’Flaherty V.C.)

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Featured Event: Keith Lowe (winner of the Boylston Elocution Prizes, 1959 and 1960), performance of selections from Man and Superman


Featured Event: Post-performance discussion of O’Flaherty V.C. with Shaw Festival Company Members Patrick McManus (General Sir Pearce Madigan in O’Flaherty V.C.) and Ben Sanders (Dennis O’Flaherty in O’Flaherty V.C.)



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Featured Event: Shaw Festival Company Member Patrick Galligan leads a rehearsal workshop, using a scene from Arms and the Man




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Description: haw on Shakespeare

 Featured Event: “Shaw on Shakespeare”:  Featuring Shaw’s critical and laudatory views on the Bard and a dramatic rendering of Shaw’s Sketch “ A Dressing Room Secret”


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Arranged, Directed, and Narrated by John McInerney.


Ellen Dolgin, Bob Gaines, Dorothy Hadfield, Sharon Klassen, Michael O’Hara, and Michel Pharand


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Sharon Klassen Voicing Shaw’s laudatory view of Shakespeare

& Dorothy Hadfield Voicing Shaw’s critical view of Shakespeare

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Michael O’Hara as the Bust of Shakespeare


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Michel Pharand as the actor playing Iago and Bob Gaines as the Costumer

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Ellen Dolgin as the actress playing Lady Macbeth

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David Staller, Ellen Dolgin, Martin Meisel (New York City 2018)

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Christa Zorn, Mary Christian, Ellen Dolgin, and Brigitte Bogar

    at the 2018 Comparative Drama Conference 2018


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