Below is an alphabetical listing of the scheduled speakers at the Shaw Conference

at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, June 8-11, 2006. 

Only the abstracts of those submitted after the conference (in blue or red font) can be accessed.  

This is followed by a list of relevant email addresses.


Berst, Charles: “Relativity Shaw”

Bertolni, John: "Shakespeare's Shadow and Wilde's Art in Shaw's You Never Can Tell"

Conolly, Leonard: “GBS Televised”

Dehnert, Amanda: “Staging Shaw” panel

Dailey, Jeff: "Opposite Ends of the Spectrum:  Shaw and Sullivan (with a little bit of Gilbert)"

Del Dotto: Charles Joseph: “Beyond Shakes Versus Shav:  Shaw’s Medievalism and the Great War”

Doody, Noreen: "When George met Oscar: Wilde, Women and Shaw.”  (not delivered)

Emigh, John: "Undershaft's Ancestry: A Connecticut Yankee on the Court Theatre's Stage"

Fountain, Michael: "Shaw's Vision of a National Theatre: Reading the Cultural Politics of the Location of the National Theatre in London (1909-1942) "

Gahan, Peter: "Set Design in Shaw's Poetic Structures"

Gaines, Robert: "Shaw and Barker After Their Divorce"

Gibbs, Anthony: “GBS and ‘The Law of Change’: A Birthday Salute” (entire paper online)

Grene, Nicholas: —“Shaw and Conversion,”

Hadfield, Dorothy: "Shaw and the Women in His/story"

Harding, Desmond: “‘Tightening Hearts’: Heartbreak House and the Trauma of War”

Jahan, Husne: “Colonial Control of Irish Land:  Unromancing the Romantic Irish Scenery in  John Bull's Other Island

Jenckes, Norma: "Red Faces, Green Masks; A Fanonian Reading of John Bull’s Other Island"

Kable, Gregory: “Terminating the Twenties: Predicting Posthumanism in Shaw’s ‘Metabiological Pentateuch’”

Kubly, Jenna: "Idyll in the Garden: The Great War and Heartbreak House"

Largess, Bill: "Editing Shaw for Performance: Passion, Pragmatism, and Peril"

Largess, Bill: “Staging Shaw” panel

Leahey, Kristin: Making Shaw Accessible to Young Audiences"

Li, Kay: “The Pygmalion Effect: China With A Mind Of Its Own”  

Luber, Steve: “'Bizarre' Major Barbara: Shaw, Kabuki, and Language"

MacDonald, John: “Staging Shaw” panel

Macki, Adrienne: "Bernard Shaw and the Modern 'New Woman':  Transgressing Types and Staging Gender"

McCarty, Megan: "The Answer to Irish Identity: Androgyny in the Works of Shaw and Joyce"

Meier, Inga: Heartbreak House as a Template for Framing 9/11 Discourse in Rebeck’s and Gersten-VassilarosOmnium Gatherum"

Meisel, Martin: “Passing the Word: Shaw, Stoppard, and ‘Audible Intelligibility’

Merriman, Victor: "Prophetic Metadramatist and Public Intellectual: A Postcolonial Reading of John Bull’s Other Island(not delivered)

Metz, Allison: "Bernard Shaw’s Child Alliance: Victorian Ideology and Youth Culture in 'A Treatise on Parents and Children'”

Miller, Brook: "Shaw’s Newsreel 'Greeting' and the Paradoxes of Critique"

Papreck, Annie: "Shakespeare's Cleopatra: More Shavian than Shaw's Cleopatra?"

Pharand, Michel: 'My Familiar Green Volumes¹: Bernard Shaw¹s Publishing (Ad)ventures"

Pfeifer, Barbara: "A Dramatist for All Seasons: Shaw in Vienna 1934-1945"

Price, Ted: "Shaw's & Shakespear's Dark Lady of the Sonnets"

Ritschel, Nelson: Shaw, Connolly, and the Irish Citizen Army"

Ryan, Vanessa: 'Considering the Alternatives . . . ': Shaw and the Death of the Intellectual"

Saddlemyer, Ann: "Shaw's (Un)finished Symphonies"

Saslav, Isidor: Shaw's Letters in Other People's Books: A Survey"

Senelick, Laurence: “`More Looked at Than Listened to': Shaw on the Pre-Revolutionary Russian Stage”

Smith, Susan Harris: Everybody’s Shaw”

Sri, P. S.: “Shaw, Gandhi, and Vegetarianism"

Stafford, Tony: 'Mad About Reading' and the Glassed-Framed Garden: The Presentation of Higher Consciousness in Misalliance"

Switzky, Larry: "The Last Word on Last Words: Shaw and the Catastrophic Drama" (not delivered)

Weintraub, Stanley: "King Magnus and King Minus: A Play and a Playlet"

Webb, Eric: ““Styles in Shavian Sainthood: The Gendered and Ungendered Transfigurations of Barbara and Joan” (not delivered)

Weintraub, Rodelle: "Cunninghame Graham: The Real Black Paquito"

Wilde, Lisa: "Absent Fathers, Headstrong Daughters"

Williams, Walter: "Setting the World on Fire Merely to see it Burn? The Censoring of Shaw’s Testimony in the 1909 Parliamentary Hearings on the Censoring of Stage Plays”

Wilmeth, Don: “Staging Shaw” panel


Email Addresses of Speakers and Featured Speakers:


"Tony Gibbs" <>, <>, "Martin Meisel" <>, "Ann Saddlemyer" <>, "Nick Grene" <>, "Michel Pharand" <>, <>, "John Bertolini" <>, "Jacqueline E Brown" <>, "Leonard Conolly" <>, "Jeff S. Dailey" <>, "Charles Joseph Del Dotto" <>, <>, "Noreen Doody" <>, "John Emigh" <>, "Micheal Fountain" <>, "Peter Gahan" <>, <>, "Bob Gaines" <>, "Dorothy Hadfield" <>, "Des Harding" <>, "Husne Jahan" <>, "Norma Jenckes" <>, <>, "Gregory Kable" <>, "Jenna Kubly" <>;, <>, "Bill Largess" <>, "Kristin Leahey" <>, "Kay Li" <>, <>, <>, "Steve Luber" < >, "John MacDonald" <>, <>, "Adrienne Macki" <>, <>, "Megan McCarty" <>, <>, "Inga Meier" <>, "Victor Merriman" <>, <>, ALLISON M METZ <>, "Brook Miller" <>, <>, "Radmila Nastic" <rnastic@EUnet.yu>, "Annie Papreck" <>, "Barbara Pfeifer" <>, "Ted Price" <>, "Nelson Ritschel" <>, <>, <>, "Vanessa Ryan" <>, "Isidor Saslav" <>, <>, "Peter Schelden" <>, "Laurence Senelick" <>, "Gautam Sengupta" <>, <>, "Susan Harris Smith" <>, "Dr. P. S. Sri" <>, "Tony Stafford" <>, <>, "Nicole E. Stodard" <>, "Larry Switzky" <>, "Eric C. Webb" <>, "Rodelle Weintraub" <>, "Stanley Weintraub" <>, "Lisa Wilde" <>, "Edwin S. Williams" <>, "Walter Williams" <>