Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

June 8-11, 2006


Sponsored by Brown University

and the International Shaw Society


Asa Messer Emeritus Professor Don Wilmeth Presiding


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Questions about papers and topics should be directed to Professor R. F. Dietrich, ISS President, by email at, or call (813) 920-2986.  Questions about registration and other conference details should be directed to the Brown U. Conference Staff at 401-863-2225 or by email to  See also   Questions about Providence, travel arrangements, etc., may also be directed to Don Wilmeth at “Don Wilmeth” <>.







TOPICS (General): Papers (for twenty minute talks) may be on a wide range of topics and written from any critical perspective but it would be appropriate to speak, in acknowledgment of Shaw's impending 150th birthday, of the causes of his longevity as a canonical author and challenges to that, of the contributions he and his works have made to social changes, shifts in cultural attitudes, developments in ideas of government, art, religion, theater, etc., and of whatever problematics he and his works anticipated and/or exemplify.


TOPICS (More Specifically): : Shaw hated birthdays, but he might not object to being "sesquicentennialized" if we use it for what he considered good, such as to ruminate on "progress" (as he redefined that) in the context of his own efforts as "natural born world-betterer."  We might achieve this in several ways: 


·        By making topics for papers and panels not just celebratory of Shaw's longevity as an author but considering of his contribution, as writer, social critic, and thinker, to the evolution of human consciousness (to use his own term, but please note that if you don't believe in any such thing, you may couch that in other terms, such as a growth or at least a change in human awareness).  This would include Shaw's contribution to our awareness of the problematics of such growth or evolution or change.  


·        Shaw was interested as well in that which frustrated that evolution or change.  Although the world has changed greatly since Shaw began his efforts to change it, he would be the first to remind us of the old saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same," and so some discussion could be aimed at Shaw's addressing of this seeming stalemate and its causes. 


·        It would also be worthwhile to note how Shaw contributed, not through proposing solutions to problems, but by so clearly and compellingly dramatizing the problems of existence that today's audiences still sit fascinated by their playing out on stage. 


·        Further along these lines, one could take the perspective of Eric Bentley in Bernard Shaw, p. 219, that "Shaw really wrote because he 'had to' (and not to save the world) . . . ; by not saving the world he saved his drama as art, and, therefore, as teaching."


·        And we should not overlook what Shaw thought was the contribution of any genuine work of art, that in the artist's projecting his combat with himself and the world into his work, he provided testimony for that "genuinely scientific psychology which the world still waits for" (from the "Epistle Dedicatory" to Man and Superman).  


·        There are doubtless many other ways to approach this question of Shaw's contribution to the evolution of human consciousness or to the growth of or change in human awareness, so don't hesitate to try your idea out. 





To propose a paper or panel, please submit an abstract of 300-500 words, preferably by attachment to an email, to Professor Richard Dietrich at or send a hard copy to him at P. O. Box 728, Odessa, FL 33556-0728.  Students are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts, or to submit an entire paper if a critique is desired prior to the conference.  The abstract (or paper) should be accompanied by an up-to-date curriculum vitae and a brief introduction.   Papers should take no longer than 20 minutes.   The deadline for submission is March 15, 2006.   Abstracts should be written so that they can be published online after the conference.







Thanks to the beneficence of Tampa theater impresarios and owners of "Aubrey Organics," Aubrey Hampton and Susan Hussey, the International Shaw Society will provide Hampton-Hussey Travel Grants to assist younger scholars (40 and under) to attend this conference and deliver a paper.  The amount of the grant will vary according to need but could be up to $500, which will pay the registration fee (of $100, or $50 if an ISS member) and can be used to pay other travel expenses for which you can provide a receipt.   If you win a grant, the registration fee will be paid in advance, but the rest will be paid after delivery of the paper at the conference.   When you submit your abstract to Professor Dietrich at, include an up-to-date c.v., a cover letter, and a sheet with the following information (just copy and paste it into a new document):


Application for Hampton-Hussey / ISS Travel Grant





Phone #:


Email Address(es):


Your Current Academic Affiliation (as student or teacher):


Highest Degree:


Place of Employment (if not teaching or attending school):


Studies of Shaw currently involved in and future plans for the study of Shaw:



Amount Requested For Projected Travel Expenses (provide detail):




If you are given a grant, your grant will also come with free membership to the International Shaw Society for the rest of 2006.








Keynote Speaker:

Anthony Gibbs, of Macquarie U., Australia, author of Bernard Shaw: A Life.





Martin Meisel, of Columbia U., author of Shaw and the Nineteenth Century Theatre.







Ann Saddlemyer, of the U. of Toronto, Corresponding Scholar to the Shaw Festival and author of Becoming George - The Life of Mrs W B Yeats.







Nicholas Grene, of Trinity College, Ireland, author of Bernard Shaw: A Critical View and The Politics of Irish Drama.







Michel Pharand, of Hokkaido Bunkyo U., Japan, author of Bernard Shaw and the French.










The conference will open with a reception on Thursday night at the John Hay Library and an exhibition of the Sidney Albert Shaw Collection, followed by the Keynote Address by Anthony Gibbs and a book-signing for his new biography of Shaw.  The reception will provide substantial hors d'oeuvres, and there will be a cash-bar.


Papers will be presented on Friday and Saturday, probably in double or triple sessions, with a plenary speaker kicking off the morning and afternoon sessions.   Salomon Ctr..  


There will be a trip (optional) to the Tony Award-winning Trinity Repertory Theatre on Friday night to see their production of Cyrano de Bergerac.  The Trinity is within easy walking distance of the Biltmore Hotel, but shuttle service will be provided for those staying on campus in dorms or at the Inn.  


On Saturday night there will be a cash-bar reception and buffet banquet on Saturday night at the Brown U. Faculty Club, followed by a Trinity Theatre Extravaganza of Shaw pieces.


There will be an ISS business meeting on Sunday morning.







          Much of the Sidney Albert Shaw Collection will be on display during the opening reception on Thursday night at the John Hay Library.   If you'd like to learn more about this collection, please go to  The John Hay Library, 20 Prospect Street (just south of Waterman St.), has an interesting website at






After filling in both sides, please mail the completed registration form (below), accompanied by credit card information or a check (cheque) in U.S. dollars made out to Brown University, to Brown University Shaw Conference, 42 Charlesfield St., Box T, Providence, RI 02912 or fax form and credit card information to (401) 863-3955.



1. Registration is not complete until fee is paid in full.  For security/privacy, DO NOT email credit card information.

2. Registration fees will be refunded (less a $35 handling charge) if written notice of cancellation is received on or before May 8, 2006.  No refunds can be made after that date.

3. If you require a visa for travel to the United States, please contact your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate for detailed information on the requirements for obtaining a visa.   Information is also available at   


The registration fee includes all sessions, a welcome reception, continental breakfasts at Salomon Ctr. on Friday and Saturday, refreshments, shuttle service to Trinity Theatre on Friday night, and buffet banquet & theater performances at the Faculty Club on Saturday night.   Add $25 per person for the registration fee if you late register (after May 1, 2006).





If you wish to print out the following registration form, please go to  The version here is just for information.  Note that a late registration fee of $25 per person applies if registering after May 1, 2006.





 First, select from rows 1 through 5. 

Then select from rows 6 through 9. 

Items 10 and 11 are optional.

Please circle the #s of items selected.



Add $25 per person if registering after May 1, 2006.



Per Item


Your Total Cost

Per Item


Standard Registration Fee

$195 per person




Registration Fee for

International Shaw Society Members (You can join now to get this discount and others.  Go to and click on "Membership Application")

$150 per person




Family Member or Guest Fee or

Brown U. Faculty & Staff Fee (subtract $25 if you are an ISS member)

$75 per person




Student Registration Fee for non-ISS members (Student ID Required)

$100 per person




Student Registration Fee for ISS members  (You can join now to get this discount and others.  Go to and click on "Membership Application")

$50 per person



A C C O M M O D A T I O N S:


Brown U. Student Dorm (singles only; semi-private bathroom).  Reservation will be made for you if you include the cost in the last column to the right. 

$50 per room per night per person.  No tax.

Parking is extra.   Indicate below if you need a campus permit to park a car.




A hotel-style Inn at Brown U.

(two double beds; private bathroom; continental breakfast).   Reservation will not be made for you. Call 401-863-7500 to make  a reservation.  24 rooms.  First come, first served.  To view the Inn, go to 

$110 per room per night, two people max.  No tax. Parking free.  Indicate below if you need a campus permit to park a car.


Pay Hotel


 Biltmore Hotel in downtown Providence.  Reservation will not be made for you. Call 800-294-7709 or 401 421-0700 to make a reservation or go online at 

25 rooms until May 1.   First come, first served.

$139 per room per night + tax.  Conference rate must be asked for. Parking extra.

Indicate below if you need a campus permit to park a car.


Pay Hotel


I will commute or arrange other accommodation.  Circle # 9 if choosing this option.

Indicate below if you need a campus permit to park a car.




Campus Parking Permit Needed?

$7 per day if not staying at The Inn.

Yes or No? (Circle One)


# of days?



Optional: Ticket for Trinity Theatre Production of Cyrano de Bergerac  

(June 9 at 8:00)

$35 per ticket









Name (s)_____________________________________________



Title (Circle One):  Professor     Dr.     Ms.     Mr.






Country: __________________________Postal Code________


Telephones (with country code): _________________________

Cell Phone # (with country code):________________________


FAX # (with country code):_____________________________


Email Address (essential):______________________________



Travel Information:

Arrival Date__________Time_______ Departure Date_______


Name & Address of place you're staying if not conference accommodation





Name-badge Information:

Please print your name(s) as it should appear on your name-badge:



Please print your affiliation(s) as it should appear on your name-badge:







Please total your registration, housing fees, and optional costs from the form above and enter that on the Amount Paid line below.  Then provide payment information:


Name of Registrant_____________________________________

Amount Paid__________________________________________


Method of Payment (Circle One):  VISA        MasterCard         Check (US Funds Only)

Credit Card #______________________Expiration Date______

Name on Card_________________________________________






If you wish to print out the registration form above, please go to







            Hotels in Providence are plentiful, but most are not within easy walking distance of the main campus of Brown University.  To those interested in less walking, on-campus housing is provided in student dorms and in the hotel-style Saunders Inn, both near the Conference Services headquarters (Vartan Gregorian Quad, near the corner of Thayer St. and Charlesfield St.).  To view these accommodations and get directions, see You can book a single room in a dorm (semi-private bath) for $50 per person per night (no tax), and the conference coordinators will take care of that for you if you just indicate that choice on the registration form.   If you wish to book a room at the Saunders Inn (rooms have two full-size beds and a private bath), you should call 401-863-7500 or email  The rate is $110 per room per night (no tax) and includes free parking and complimentary morning coffee with bagels and scones.  A credit card number will be required to hold a room at the Saunders Inn. They only have 24 rooms, however, so the earlier you reserve, the better.  The hotel in downtown Providence that is giving us conference rates ($139 per room per night) is the Biltmore, which is just a few blocks west of the Brown U. campus and northeast of the Trinity Repertory Theatre.  It's about a half-hour walk from the Biltmore east to the campus through a rebuilt and rather attractive part of the downtown, over a bridge above Providence River, and then uphill to Brown U.  For Biltmore reservations call 800-294-7709 or 401-421-0700 or go online at and request the rate for the Shaw Conference.  Unlike the Inn, the Biltmore will make provisions for an extra bed and other adjustments, for a price of course.  $139 per night plus tax, parking extra ($22 per night!).  There are other hotels downtown, and outside the central area if you have a car, but we hope that you will help us meet our contractual obligation with the Biltmore first.  We're contracted to fill 25 rooms.   Prices at similar quality hotels are likely to be greater, but you can see a list of them, and a few B&Bs, on various websites.   Just go to Google or Yahoo or any of the search engines and type in "Providence R.I. Hotels" and you'll see quite a list.  Be warned that many of them require the use of a car or taxi or very strong legs.  




As on almost every university campus, parking is a problem at Brown U.  Those staying at the Inn on campus will have free parking, but those staying in a dorm will have to get a parking permit, which you need to ask for sufficiently ahead of time for it to be arranged.   Even then, there is no parking at night in many areas of the campus and even near the campus.   Talk to the conference office about this at 401-863-2225.  

And as in almost every urban center, parking is also a problem in downtown Providence.  You can try to find a place to park on the streets during the day, but Providence does not allow parking on the streets at night, so you have to park in a garage or designated parking lot at substantial overnight prices. When you make your reservation for a hotel or other accommodation, inquire about parking.     




The T. F. Green Airport, just south of Providence, offers bus and taxi service to the Brown U. campus or to downtown Providence, and the following website will probably give you all the travel information you need:  Should you not be able to find the transportation you’re looking for, here are numbers to call:

a.) The Airport Van Shuttle to Brown U. apparently stops only at the Brown University Faunce Arch on Waterman Street, the Saunders Inn being about a seven minute southerly walk from there (so make sure your luggage has wheels!).    If you don’t see it, you can call  401-737-2868.

b.) A taxi ride in can cost $20-$30.  In case you don’t find taxis available, you can call Laural cab at 401-521-4200,
Walsh cab at 401-943-3636 or Economy cab at 401-941-1122.

  Of course you can also fly to Boston’s Logan Airport and take a bus or train from South Station (bus terminal is adjacent to the station) directly to Providence (allow an additional 1.5-2.5 hours).











This is a general schedule; to see the detail, please go to 



6:00 pm: Reception (food with cash-bar) & Exhibit at John Hay Library of Brown's Sidney Albert Shaw Collection, during which Anthony Gibbs will sign copies of his Shaw biography.  Welcoming Speech by Don Wilmeth.  Keynote Address by Gibbs at 7:30 (at John Hay, if 75 or less; elsewhere if over 75--TBA).  


FRIDAY, June 9 (Salomon Ctr.)

Continental breakfast provided at Salomon Ctr., starting at 8:30 am, for those who missed breakfast elsewhere.

9:00 am: Session # 1 Chaired by Don Wilmeth

9:00 am to 10:00: Plenary Speech by Martin Meisel followed by discussion

10:00 am-11:30: Papers Delivered in 3 different rooms.

Lunch from 11:30 to 1:00 pm.   Thayer St. just north offers plenty of choices.

1:00 pm: Session # 2: Chaired by Don Wilmeth

1:00 pm to 2:00: Plenary Speech by Ann Saddlemyer followed by discussion

2:00 pm to 5:00: Papers delivered in 3 different rooms.

6:00 pm:  For those residing at the Inn or student dorms and who wish to see Cyrano de Bergerac by Trinity Theatre at 8:00 (optional), there will be a shuttle to downtown Providence for dinner prior to the theatre.   For those staying at the Biltmore Hotel, they just need to get back to the hotel, find dinner downtown, and then walk 4 or 5 blocks southwest to the theatre. 


SATURDAY, June 10 (Salomon Ctr.)

Continental Breakfast provided at Salomon Ctr., starting at 8:30 am, for those who missed

breakfast elsewhere.

9:00 am: Session # 3 Chaired by Don Wilmeth.

9:00 am to10:00: Plenary Speech by Nicholas Grene followed by discussion.

10:00 to 12:00: Papers delivered in 3 different rooms.

Lunch from noon to 1:00 pm.

1:30 pm: Session # 4 Chaired by Don Wilmeth.

1:00 pm to 2:00: Plenary Speech by Michel Pharand followed by discussion.

2:00 pm to 5:00: Papers delivered in 3 different rooms. 

6:30 pm: Cash-bar reception and buffet banquet at the Brown Faculty Club, followed by performance of Shaw scenes by Trinity actors. 


SUNDAY, June 11 (Office of Conference Services; Gregorian Quad?)

10:00 am: Meeting of the ISS.

11:00 am: Conclusion & Farewell by Don Wilmeth




1. Wide Angle View of Providence Area:


2. Providence Metropolitan Area.  The T. F. Green Airport is

just off the map to the south.




3. Downtown Providence with Brown University on the right in purple. 

 The Biltmore Hotel is just above that red star in the map below.




4. Conference activities on the Brown Campus will mostly be

just below Waterman St.  Note that Waterman St. after it

goes east over the river through Kennedy Plaza becomes

Washington St., where the Biltmore Hotel and the

Trinity Repertory Theatre are to be found.



5. The Trinity Repertory Theatre is about where the red star

below is on Washington St.   There are restaurants around it.







            First, you need to know how to get to your hotel or other accommodation on Thursday, hopefully no later than that afternoon.     The Inn and campus dorms are along Thayer St. between Charlesfield St. and Power St., in the Vartan Gregorian Quad.  The Inn is just above the Office of Conference Services. Just blow up the map at   Or see Administration/Conference_Services/.


 If your hotel is the Biltmore or some other downtown hotel, consult a Providence map at or or use your own favorite map website (such as or, where you can even get a satellite view).  The Biltmore is just west of and across from the Kennedy Plaza, on the corner of Dorrance and Washington Streets.   Brown U. is a few blocks east of the Biltmore, across the Providence River, and up the hill.   The University is on a hill, where the old Brahmins used to look down on Providence.  Many of their magnificent clapboard houses are still there.   Below is a map showing Brown U. to the right and the downtown just to the left over several bridges.   Much of the conference activity will be just below Waterman St. between Prospect St.  and Thayer St.   To view the buildings, go to


After settling into your room, then you need to get to the John Hay Library, 20 Prospect St., for the reception at 6:00 that night, followed by Anthony Gibbs' keynote address and book signing at 7:30 (which will be in the John Hay if there are 75 or less; and somewhere else if more than 75).  To locate the John Hay Library and the campus dorms or the Inn, consult the maps of the campus available at   The Library is on Prospect St. (facing east) between Waterman St. and College St., which both run up hill from the river.  Salomon Ctr. (still marked as "Rogers Hall" on some old campus maps), where the conference will mostly be held, is just east of the Library (through the Van Wickle Gates into the College Green) and south of Waterman St., between Prospect St. and Thayer St {map here?}


Friday morning, with the first plenary speaker at 9:00, you need to get to Salomon Ctr. (just east of the John Hay Library) where those who missed breakfast can get a continental breakfast before going in.   After plenary speeches starting each morning and afternoon session, breakout sessions will go on all day in Salomon, with an hour-and-a-half break for lunch.  Thayer St., the street just east of Salomon, has many restaurants as you go north.  Same routine for the daytime on Saturday.


On Friday evening, you have the option of attending Cyrano de Bergerac at the Trinity Rep Theatre, and we urge that you take advantage of the opportunity to see this famous theatre company in action in their own theatre.


Trinity players will also perform the following night after the conference banquet at the Brown U. Faculty Club, performing scenes from Shaw's plays.  The Trinity Theatre is about five blocks southwest from the Biltmore Hotel on Washington St.   See the campus map for the Faculty Club (on the corner of Magee St. and Benevolent St.).







Brown University is, by U.S. standards, an ancient place, with an interesting history that frequently contributes to U.S. history as well.  John Hay, for example, after whom the library was named, was private secretary to Abraham Lincoln, and Lincoln stars in one of the library's special collections. The homepage for Brown University is at    The homepage for the Brown U. Office of Conference Services is at






A Providence website is at   If you're flying in, you might want to get a look at the T. F. Green Airport at    The Providence Convention & Visitors bureau also runs a good map site at





          For information about The Trinity Repertory Theatre,  which is on Washington St. just above Empire St., go to   Or see the map at  




Questions about papers and topics should be directed to R. F. Dietrich, ISS President, by email at, or call (813) 920-2986.  Questions about registration and other conference details should be directed to the Brown U. Conference Staff at 401-863-2225 or by email to  See also










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