Detailed Schedule for Shaw Conference

at Brown University, June 8-11, 2006


THURSDAY, June 8 (John Hay Library)


4:30—7:15 pm: CHECK IN: Registration and pick up of conference materials: John Hay Library (20 Prospect St.).


4:30—6:00 pm: EXHIBIT: Exhibit of Brown University’s Sidney Albert Shaw Collection in the John Hay Library and a display of recent Shaw books available for purchase from the Brown University Bookstore.


6:00—7:15pm: EXHIBIT (Continued) and RECEPTION: Hors d'oeuvres with cash bar in the lobby of the John Hay Library, concurrent with an exhibit of Brown University’s Sidney Albert Shaw Collection and a display of recent Shaw books available for purchase from the Brown University Bookstore.


7:30 pm: KEYNOTE ADDRESS—“GBS and “The Law of Change’: A Birthday Salute,” by A. M. Gibbs (Emeritus, Macquarie University, Australia) at either the Lownes Room in the John Hay Library or Room 001 Salomon Ctr (TBA).  Welcoming speeches by Richard Dietrich for the ISS, Don B. Wilmeth for Brown U., and Harriette Hemmasi, the University Librarian, prior to the keynote address.   Afterwards,  Tony Gibbs will sign copies of his recently published Bernard Shaw: A Life, available for purchase at the reception.  


FRIDAY, June 9 (Salomon Center)

8:15—9:00 am: Continental breakfast at Salomon Center, for those who missed breakfast elsewhere.

9:00 am in Room 001 (Lower Auditorium): PLENARY ADDRESS— “Passing the Word: Shaw, Stoppard, and ‘Audible Intelligibility’,” by Martin Meisel (Emeritus, Columbia U.)


ROOM 003

“Shaw & Media,”

Chaired by Christopher Innes

(York U.)

10:00 am: “GBS Televised” -Leonard Conolly (Trent U.)

10:30 am: “"Shaw’s Newsreel 'Greeting' and the Paradoxes of Critique" - Brook Miller (U. of Minnesota, Morris)

11:00 am: Everybody’s Shaw” - Susan Harris Smith (U. of Pittsburgh)


ROOM 202

“Shaw and Gender”

Chaired by Jean Reynolds

 (Polk Community College)

10:00 am: "Shaw and the Women in His/story" - Dorothy Hadfield (U. of Guelph)

10:30 am: "Absent Fathers, Headstrong Daughters" - Lisa Wilde (Dramaturge, Rep Theater in Columbia, Md)

11:00 am: "Bernard Shaw and the Modern 'New Woman':  Transgressing Types and Staging Gender"- Adrienne Macki (Tufts U.)


ROOM 203

“Friends, Relatives, & Epistles”

Chaired by Al Turco

(Wesleyan U.)

10:00 am: "Shaw and Barker After Their Divorce" - Robert Gaines (Auburn U. Montgomery)

10:30 am: "Shaw's Letters in Other People's Books: A Survey" - Isidor Saslav (Stephen F. Austin State U.)

11:00: “Relativity Shaw” - Charles Berst (UCLA)



11:30 am to 1:00 pm:  LUNCH BREAK


1:00 pm im Room 001: Plenary Address by Ann Saddlemyer (Emeritus, U. of Toronto)--

"Shaw's (Un)finished Symphonies"


ROOM 003

“Shaw and Ireland

Chaired by Peter Gahan

(Trinity College Dublin)

2:00: "Red Faces, Green Masks; A Fanonian Reading of John Bull’s Other Island" - Norma Jenckes

2:30: "Prophetic Metadramatist and Public Intellectual: A Postcolonial Reading of John Bull’s Other Island’ - Victor Merriman (Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland)

3:00: "Shaw, Connolly, and the Irish Citizen Army" - Nelson Ritschel (Massachusetts Maritime Academy)

3: 30: "The Answer to Irish Identity: Androgyny in the works of Shaw and Joyce" - Megan McCarty (University College Dublin)

ROOM 202

“Shaw and War”

Chaired by Mary Ann Crawford (Central Michigan U.)

2:00: “Beyond Shakes Versus Shav:  Shaw’s Medievalism and the Great War” - Charles Del Dotto (Duke U.)

2:30:  “”Tightening Hearts’: Heartbreak House and the Trauma of War” - Desmond Harding (Central Michigan U.)11

3:00: "Idyll in the Garden: The Great War and Heartbreak House" - Jenna Kubly (Tufts U.)

3:30: " Shaw’s Heartbreak House as a Template for Framing 9/11 Discourse in Theresa Rebeck’s and Alexandra Gersten-VassilarosOmnium Gatherum" - Inga Meier (SUNY Stony Brook)

ROOM 203

“Shaw Abroad”

Chaired by Leonard Conolly

(Trent U)

2:00: "A Dramatist for All Seasons: George Bernard Shaw in Vienna 1934-1945" - Barbara Pfeifer (U. of Vienna, Austria)

2:30:  "The Pygmalion Effect: China With A Mind Of Its Own' “  Kay Li  (U. of Toronto)

3:00:  “Shaw, Gandhi, and Vegetarianism" - P.S. Sri (Royal Military College of Canada)




4:00 in Room 001: "King Magnus and King Minus: A Play and a Playlet" - Stanley Weintraub (Emeritus, Penn State U.)

4:30 in Room 001: “`More Looked at Than Listened to': Shaw on the Pre-Revolutionary Russian Stage” ” - Laurence Senelick (Tufts U.)


8:00 PM: Performance of  Cyrano de Bergerac at the Trinity Repertory Theatre in downtown Providence.


SATURDAY, June10 (Salomon Ctr)


8:30 am: Continental Breakfast at Salomon Center, for those who missed it elsewhere.

9:00 am in Room 001: Plenary Address by Nicholas Grene (Trinity College, Dublin)—“Shaw and Conversion”



ROOM 003

“Shaw, Theater, & Censorship ”

Chaired by John Pfeiffer

(Central Michigan U.)

10:00:  "Opposite Ends of the Spectrum:  Shaw and Sullivan (with a little bit of Gilbert)" -  Jeff Dailey (Five Towns College)

10:30: "Shaw and the Development of a National Theatre: The Problematics of  Theatre as Site of Cultural Production" - Michael Fountain (U. of Guelph)

11:00 am: "Setting the World on Fire Merely to see it Burn? The Censoring of Shaw’s Testimony in the 1909 Parliamentary Hearings on the Censoring of Stage Plays” - Walter Williams (Point Loma Nazarene U.)

ROOM 202

“Miscellaneous Shaw”

Chaired by Tony Stafford

(U. of Texas El Paso)

10:00: Colonial Control of Irish Land:  Unromancing the Romantic Irish Scenery in  John Bull's Other Island” - Husne Jahan (De Anza College, California)

10:30: "Bernard Shaw’s Child Alliance: Victorian Ideology and Youth Culture in 'A Treatise on Parents and Children'” - Allison Metz (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

11.00: Styles in Shavian Sainthood: The Gendered and Ungendered

Transfigurations of Barbara and Joan”

 - Eric Webb (SUNY Stony Brook)

ROOM 203

“Shaw: Endings & Beginnings”

Chaired by Michael O’Hara

(Ball State U.)

10:00: "The Last Word on Last Words: Shaw and the Catastrophic Drama" - Larry Switzsky (Harvard U)

10:30: : : Terminating the Twenties: Predicting Posthumanism in Shaw’s “Metabiological Pentateuch” - Gregory Kable (UNC Chapel Hill)

11:00: “'Considering the Alternatives . . . ': George Bernard Shaw and the Death of the Intellectual" - Vanessa Ryan (Harvard U.)




11:30am to 1:00: LUNCH BREAK


1:00 in Room 001: Plenary Address by Michel Pharand (Kobe U. Japan) - "'My Familiar Green Volumes¹: Bernard Shaw¹s Publishing (Ad)ventures"


ROOM 202

“Shaw, Shakespeare, Wilde”

Chaired by Bob Gaines

(Auburn U. Montgomery)

2:00: "Shakespeare's Shadow and Wilde's Art in Shaw's You Never Can Tell" - John Bertolini (Middlebury College)

2:30: "When George met Oscar: Wilde, Women and Shaw.” - Noreen Doody (St. Patrick’s College, Dublin)

3:00: "Shakespeare's Cleopatra: More Shavian than Shaw's Cleopatra?" - Annie Papreck (U. of Southern California)

3:30: "Shaw's & Shakespear's Dark Lady of the Sonnets" - Ted Price (Montclair State U.)

ROOM 003

“”Shaw in and of the Theater”

Chaired by Stuart Baker

(Florida State U.)

2:00: "Set Design in Shaw's Poetic Structures"  - Peter Gahan

2:30: "Editing Shaw for Performance: Passion, Pragmatism, and Peril" - Bill Largess (Dramaturge, Washington Stage Guild)

3:00: “'Bizarre' Major Barbara: Shaw, Kabuki, and Language" - Steve Luber (CUNY)

3:30: "Making Shaw Accessible to Young Audiences" - Kristin Leahey (U. of Texas Austin)

ROOM 203

Shaw’s Plays & Characters”

Chaired by Norma Jenckes

(U. of Cincinnati)

2:00: “'Mad About Reading' and the Glassed-Framed Garden: The Presentation of Higher Consciousness in Misalliance" - Tony Stafford

2:30: "Undershaft's Ancestry: A Connecticut Yankee on the Court Theatre's Stage" - John Emigh (Brown U.)

3:-00:  "Cunninghame Graham: The Real Black Paquito" - Rodelle Weintraub (Retired, Penn State U.)

3:30: “Innocent, Not Naive: The Complex Role of Imagination in Man and Superman and Back to Methuselah- Peter Schelden (California State Long Beach)


4:00--5:00 in ROOM 001: Panel Discussion on “Staging Shaw”—Amanda Dehnert (Acting Artistic Director, Trinity Rep Theatre);  John MacDonald (Artistic Director, Washington Stage Guild); Bill Largess (Dramaturge, Washington Stage Guild), moderated by Don Wilmeth.  


7:00: Cash bar and buffet banquet at Brown U. Faculty Club, followed by “Shaw Talk,” a presentation of some of  Shaw’s most memorable lines, delivered by a Trinity Rep Theatre cast, directed by Amanda Dehnert.


SUNDAY, June 11 ((VGQuad Lounge at 101 Thayer Street, just below Saunders Inn)


10:00 am: Business Meeting of the International Shaw Society (Non-members interested in becoming members are welcome).   Conducted  by Richard Dietrich, President of the ISS.  

11:00 am: Farewell by Don Wilmeth.



The conference has been made possible thanks to the generosity and contributions of the following: Brown University: Ruth Simmons and the Office of the President; Robert Zimmer and the Office of the Provost; Harriette Hemmasi and the staff of the John Hay Library, most particularly Jane Cabral, Rosemary Cullen, Daniel O'Mahony, Patricia Putney, Jean Rainwater, Samuel Streit, and Steve Thompson; Friends of the Brown University Library; Spencer Golub and the Department of Theatre, Speech & Dance; the Don B. Wilmeth Lecture Fund; Trinity Repertory Theatre: Amanda Dehnert and the acting company; the Aubrey Hampton-Susan Hussey ISS Travel Fund; Julie Haworth, Darlene Wood, and Kathryn Stanonik, Conference Services at Brown; and the International Shaw Society (




In 1636 Providence is founded as a Rhode Island settlement by English clergyman Roger Williams, 33, who has been banished by the Massachusetts Great and General Court for his outspoken criticism of what he calls the “abuse of power” and who has sought a place where “persons of distressed conscience” could go. Williams selects the name in gratitude for “God’s merciful providence” that the Narragansett have granted him title to the site.   Inasmuch as GBS might be described as a person of distressed conscience, a Shaw conference in Providence seems downright providential.