An Introduction to GeoShaw


Under construction is a fascinating new experiment in what is essentially a biography in geographic form on an interactive map, being put together piece by piece with the cooperation of several people, and with an invitation extended to anyone who has expertise to contribute.  The object is to show the geographical movements of one of the great writers of modern times, Bernard Shaw, whose peripatetic lifestyle is perhaps best encapsulated in the fact that some of his early writing was done on the tops of those red London buses.  In addition to all the public transportation he took advantage of, Shaw was a walker of heroic proportions, especially in his younger, impoverished days, and it’s hard to believe the incredible amounts of mileage he put on almost daily then.  In later years, after marriage to the Irish millionairess Charlotte Payne-Townshend, when he could afford the best in automobiles and cruise ships, even more impressive mileage was racked up.  It will all eventually be tracked, but this will take a while, even with the speeding up that you can offer by contributing to the geographical marking of specific episodes in Shaw’s life and career.   Please let the Editor-in-Chief, Gustavo, know of your interest in GeoShaw and possible contribution by writing to him at geoshawmap@gmail.com.


At https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1373283 you will find an interactive map with markers that can be clicked on to get information about whatever location you’ve chosen.   The map can be zoomed in or out and moved around with the cursor of your mouse.  You can select from the topics that are listed in the row at the bottom, to which more topics will be added as the project develops.   For now, just try it out and be amazed!  









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