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As of January 2023





     As of January 2022, the last time the ISS Articles & Bylaws were amended, the ISS Governing Council is divided into an “Elected Executive Committee,” an “Appointed Executive Committee,” and an “Honorary Executive Committee,” the members of which have voting rights in deciding issues presented to it by the ISS President.   


     The Elected Executive Committee of five officers {President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Membership Secretary} are each to be elected by the membership at large for a three-year term. The Appointed Executive Committee of two officers, the Webmaster and the Director of Publications, serve for whatever term is agreed upon by them and the President. The Honorary Executive Committee, consisting of however many past ISS Presidents have accepted the invitation to serve, are to be readily available to the President for consultation, advice, and voting. All three committees are charged with the day to day running of the ISS.


     In addition, there is The Honorary Advisory Committee, which is to consist of however many the President wishes to appoint, most for lifetime membership. Members shall largely be senior members who have distinguished themselves in some way in the study or practice or appreciations of literature or drama or theater in general and Shaw in particular. An example of an exception might be the House Manager of Shaw’s Corner in Ayot St. Lawrence in England, who would be temporary, limited to the time this person serves as House Manager at Shaw’s Corner.  Another example of an exception would be those who were essential to the founding and initial development of the ISS.  A third example of an exception would be those whose financial back has been exceptional. This committee is strictly advisory and has no voting power. 



The Elected Executive Committee

(Five Officers Elected for 3-year terms, with voting powers.)


President: Robert Gaines

Vice President: Jennifer Buckley

Treasurer: Michael O’Hara

Recording Secretary: Dorothy Hadfield

Membership Secretary: Brigitte Bogar

Robert A Gaines <>; Jennifer Buckley <>; Dorothy Hadfield <>; Brigitte Bogar <>; Michael O'Hara <>; Christopher Wixson <>; R. F. Dietrich <>; Leonard Conolly <>



Second Term expires Dec. 31, 2024.

Second Term expires Dec. 31, 2024.

Second Term expires Dec. 31, 2024.

First Term expires Dec. 31, 2023.

First Term expires Dec. 31, 2023.

Phone numbers:

Gaines: 1-333-202-2444 USA

Dietrich: 1-813-503-4009 USA



The Appointed Executive Committee


(Two Officers Appointed by the President to the ISS Governing Council As They Are Appointed to These Positions.

 Voting Powers.  Terms as agreed upon by the President and the appointed.)



Director of Publications (General Editor of SHAW

& Editor of ISS Newsletter): Chris Wixson


Webmaster: Richard Dietrich



The Honorary Executive Committee


(All previous ISS Presidents are invited to serve as a voting member of the ISS Governing Council,

some of which may serve in other offices at the same time but are limited to one vote.  Lifetime)



Michael O’Hara (President 2013-2018)

Leonard Conolly (President 2010-2012)

Richard Dietrich (President 2004-2009)



Honorary Advisory Committee

(lifetime appointment, with some exceptions, & no limit in number)



Roelina Berst

Bernard Dukore

Evelyn Ellis

Peter French*

Nicholas Grene

            A.M. Gibbs

Norma Jenckes

Michael Holroyd

Martin Meisel

Anthony Roche

Laurie Stryker*

Betsy Cayer

Rebecca Whitmore*


*Laurie Stryker, President, and *Peter French, Provost, of the University of South Florida Sarasota Campus in 2004, were responsible for launching the ISS by hosting our first conference, at great cost to them and USF.  Without them, no ISS. *Rebecca Whitmore is House Manager at Shaw’s Corner in Ayot St. Lawrence, England. 



“ISS ARTICLES & BYLAWS” can be viewed at




   IN MEMORIAM (mostly founding members of the ISS):

Sid Albert, Jacques Barzun, Ronald Bryden, Monty Davis, Anthony Ellis, T. F. Evans, Gale Larson, Fred Crawford, Dan. H. Laurence, Barry Morse, Isidor Saslav, Al Carpenter, Charles Berst, Sue Morgan, Stanley Weintraub, Don Wilmeth, Barbara Smoker, Eric Bentley, Rodelle Weintraub, Margot Peters.