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Given the general knowledge about Google,, and other search engines on the Internet, it seems that not much needs to be said about this aspect of research, although we’d be glad to hear of any sites that you would particularly like to call attention to.    The only printed concordance that currently exists is E. Dean Bevan’s A Concordance to the Plays and Prefaces of Bernard Shaw (10 vols), available in some reference libraries but long out of print. Some suggestion of attempts to build online concordances occur at and at, but it appears that a major concordance project will not get under way until Shaw’s works go into public domain worldwide in 2020.   The Sagittarius-Orion project mentioned above has a partial concordance built in, but only Canadians can access it through special subscriptions, since Shaw’s works are already in public domain in Canada.   The rest of the world will have to wait until 2020.   








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