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Of bibliographies on works by Shaw or on Shaw, online or not, here are the best:


1.) The most complete listing of works by Shaw is to be found in the two volumes by Dan H. Laurence entitled Bernard Shaw: A Bibliography, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1983, included in The Soho Bibliographies, XXII (out of print but available in many libraries).  Also available in many libraries and online (through the use of “Project Muse”) is “A Supplement to Bernard Shaw: A Bibliography,” which appears in SHAW 20: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies – “Bibliographical Shaw” (2000).  That volume is a gold mine of information.


2.) For an online chronological listing of works important to Shaw Studies, see C. A. Carpenter’s http://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~ccarpen/shaw.htm, which provides “A Descriptive Chronology of His Plays, Theatrical Career, and Dramatic Theories."


3.) Far and away the best and most complete bibliography of works on Shaw online is “A Selective, Classified International Bibliography of Publications About Bernard Shaw: Works from 1940 to Date, with Appendix of Earlier Works” by Charles A. Carpenter:  http://harvey.binghamton.edu/~ccarpen/ShawBibliography/.   Another important source in book form (but not online) is the three-volume G. B. Shaw Annotated Secondary Bibliography Series published by Northern Illinois University Press.


4.)  An annual updating of bibliographical items on Shaw, his works, works on Shaw, and related works (including media) is to be found in John Pfeiffer’s "Checklists" in SHAW: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies.   Eventually all of Pfeiffer's "Checklists" prior to 2000 will be available for viewing by clicking on the desired issue listed below, but some at the top of the list are ready now.  For "Checklists" and other matter from SHAW from 2000 on, click on "Journals" in the ISS Members’ Page and find out how you can access them through the use of “Project Muse.”


SHAW 1 (1981): "Shaw and Religion"

SHAW 2 (1982): General Issue  

SHAW 3 (1983): "Shaw's Plays in Performance

SHAW 4 (1984): General Issue

SHAW 5 (1985): "Shaw Abroad"

SHAW 6 (1986): General Issue

SHAW 7 (1987): "Shaw: The Neglected Plays"

SHAW 8 (1988): General Issue

SHAW 9 (1989): "Shaw Offstage: The Nondramatic Writings"

SHAW 10 (1990): General Issue

SHAW 11 (1991): "Shaw and Politics"

SHAW 12 (1992): General Issue

SHAW 13 (1993): "Shaw and Other Playwrights"

SHAW 14 (1994): "Shaw and the Last Hundred Years"

SHAW 15 (1995): General Issue

SHAW 16 (1996): "Unpublished Shaw"

SHAW 17 (1997): "Shaw and Selected Fiction"

SHAW 18 (1998): General Issue

SHAW 19 (1999): "Shaw and History"

For SHAW 20 and on, see "Journals" on the Members’ Page.

SHAW 20 (2000): "Bibliographical Shaw"

SHAW 21 (2001): General Issue

SHAW 22 (2002): General Issue

SHAW 23 (2003): General Issue

SHAW 24 (2004): "Dionysian Shaw"

SHAW 25 (2005): General Issue

SHAW 26 (2006): “New Readings: Shaw at the Sesquicentennial”

SHAW 27 (2007): General Issue

SHAW 28 (2008): "Shaw and War"

SHAW 29 (2009): General Issue

SHAW 30: (2010): “Shaw and Ireland”

SHAW 31 (2011): General Issue

SHAW 31 (2012): Shaw and the City

SHAW 32 (2013): General Issue


Click on "Journals" on the members’ page for instructions on how to view issues online of SHAW from 2000 on by using “Project Muse.”



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