Ways to Use

Bernard Shaw: A Guide to Research

(The Pennsylvania State University, 1992)


Stanley Weintraub’s Guide to Research continues to be an invaluable guide to its subject, but because it is out of print the International Shaw Society has been given the rights by Professor Weintraub to publish it online and to offer it for updating.  If you seek nothing more than to consult the book, click HERE or try http://libra.apps01.yorku.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Weintraub-Bernard-Shaw-Guide-to-Research.pdf.  One of those should take you to a website called Sagittarius which is being constructed under the editorship of Kay Li at York U. in Canada.  If, however, you have the credentials to offer updates, you can either attempt to use this website as instructed to comment (you must be a member to login) or send your suggestions to the ISS President, Professor Robert Gaines, at rgaines@aum.edu,  who will submit your suggestions to a committee for consideration.  Updates when accepted will appear in appropriate spots in the text in brackets or some other notation device. 



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