If you are a dues-paying member of the ISS, you should have received instructions that the “password” to a members page is merely an address to go to where you can get information available only to members, such as:

v a current members list,

v a list of ISS Angels (those who give gifts),

v email addresses of members,

v news of ISS business meetings,

v minutes of past meetings,

v financial reports,

v budget projections for the year,

v ISS Articles & Bylaws,

v terms of office for the members of the ISS Council & ISS officers,

v listings of ISS committees,

v and a list of journals specializing in Shaw with instructions on how to access the journal SHAW on Project Muse. 

v ETC.


If you’ve lost or did not receive those instructions, please email webmaster R. F. Dietrich at 


Please note that some of the most up-to-date information on some of these items may occur in emails to members from the president or webmaster.


If you wish to consider becoming a member, click on the Membership Application Form: 2019 Membership.